Top Crete Micro Topping

Solid drops Micro Topping offers an extremely smooth finish, similar to polished concrete and is used to resurface floors, walls, countertops and more. Endless color combinations are available with integral colors, stains and dye, can even be applied to vertical surfaces to achieve a Venetian plaster look popular in homes, offices, retail spaces, restaurants. Solid drops provides a joint-less, tactile unique surface that suits the surrounding style of architecture.

Top Crete Micro topping is perfect for anyone who is looking for a unique and elegant finish, a continuous and extremely solid surface that can give any space depth, light and harmony, all at the same time.

Micro topping cement floorings achieves an excellent compressive and tensile strength and ideally suitable for resurfacing and providing decorative, rustic top surface that can be polished to provide a dense, satin-finish surface. It can be applied in floors as well as walls to provide a homogenous space with light, depth and harmony .A selection of sealers provide slip and chemical resistance, easy maintenance, a variation of gloss levels, protection, and many other multipurpose uses.Gone are the interruptive joint lines, with Top Crete Micro Topping system you can create continuous seamless horizontal and vertical surfaces, internally or externally, that draw in attention without distracting from other elements in the space.

Robust, thin set micro cement Top Crete Micro Topping can be applied anywhere and anytime you choose to. Whether a new construction or an existing surface such as concrete or tile, Top Crete Micro Topping can be applied as a skim coat in just 2-3 mm to beautify, renovate, or create new impressive seamless surfaces in a variety of systems to suite your project’s conditions.

New design criteria has seen concrete become increasingly in demand by architects and designers to create spaces with contemporary aesthetics.  Top Crete Micro topping is an innovative solution that combines the aesthetic qualities of concrete with the modern requirements of a smart and green space.

Micro topping was originally used as a replacement for concrete because of its many advantages: it can be applied at reduced thicknesses, adheres firmly to the underlying surface and is simple and quick to install. Now it can be adapted beautifully to any environment, bestowing an original and unrepeatable touch as it is laid by hand by expert craftsmen.

Micro topping can lend character to modern, minimalist spaces, or bring discreet sophistication with classic, rustic or antique finishes to existing property. It can be personalized to suit any style by choosing the preferred colour scheme and adding shiny, cloudy or variegated.

Micro topping is very versatile: its aesthetic qualities and ease of application make it suitable for houses, shops, showrooms, restaurants, hotels, museums and public spaces.

It can be used either indoors or outdoors and in addition to its many flooring uses, is equally perfect for coating vertical surfaces, such as plasterboard or masonry walls on stairs, in bathrooms or showers.

Micro topping is a combination of liquid polymers and a special cement mixture, all of which are entirely free of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Microtopping surfaces are works of craftsmanship, entirely made by hand: it is blended manually by Ideal Work installers before each application, the constituent parts dependent on the final outcome the customer requires. With a thickness of only 3 millimeters, Micro topping can cover any type of surface due to its remarkable adhesive properties.

Its resistance to impact, abrasion and compression make it suitable for even heavy traffic and for any environment and situation. This is equally true for interiors, exteriors and places that are exposed to atmospheric agents. Micro topping has been subjected to rigorous laboratory trials in order to test the performance and identify any weak points.


The results demonstrate that Micro topping has properties of resistance even greater than normal resin for floors (already considered extremely resistant). Micro- topping’s resistance has been tested with mechanical and thermal stresses and against marks, impact, wear and tear, fire, cracks, chemical and corrosive substances. Microtopping’s impermeability has also been repeatedly tested and has achieved excellent results, even showing resistance to vapour.

But the feature that best distinguishes Top Crete Micro topping is its ability to create continuous, seam- less surfaces for linear and enveloping environments. Another of its many advantages is the possibility of applying it without limit or joints, inside or outside, on floors or walls.


All areas of residential surfaces including living rooms, bedrooms, patios, bathrooms and kitchens
Vertical as well as horizontal surfaces
Swimming pool decks, pergolas
Spas and jacuzzies
Retail stores, clinics and public spaces
Restaurants and hotels
Salons, shops, showrooms and museums
Reception areas, hotel-lobbies
Office spaces, server rooms



1. Works for new or existing floor seamlessly long lasting – Epoxy systems can be easily laid on top of any surface making them ideal for use on either new floors, or as overlays on top of an existing floor that needs a facelift quickly. The end floor will be seamless and easy to clean.
2. Rapid installation- Takes only a few days to install.
3. Cost effective- By reducing time and removing the need to break old floors, money is saved.
4. Endless option – Choose from different patterns, textures, colors, designs, and more.
5. Low maintenance – With a sealer coating, the floor will last years with minimal need for periodic maintenance.
6. Lasting – Materials are made with tried & tested formulas which withstand the test of time. Made to withstand the heaviest traffic.
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